Welcome to Napa Vale Podcast with Wendy Barba
Napa Vale Podcast


Welcome to the Napa Vale Show Belleza!

Want to learn more about wine country and the incredible talent that is behind Napa Valley? Ready to unwind and have fun while learning more about wine?

Straight out of Napa Valley this live-interview style podcast will walk you through the story behind every bottle of wine. Listen to your host, Wendy Barba as she interviews the remarkable people that make Napa Valley unique. You will get to meet the talent behind our valley; our purveyors, entrepreneurs, wine makers, chefs and of course wine lovers like you and me. Experience their incredible, inspiring stories that will help YOU grow while sipping on your vinito. ¡Vale! She’s Latina so she may throw in some Spanglish here and there. Ready to get a taste of this world-famous wine growing region? Wendy shares her tips on: local secrets, what to-do, where to go and who to meet when you visit wine country.

Join us Belleza! Grab your vinito and get ready to unwind. it’s time to get tipsy Belleza… let’s embark on this journey together. Discover your unique blend of talents.

Unleash your passion and toast to life.

¡Descubre, Saborea y Brinda! 


About the Host

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Wendy Barba

Hola Bella!

I’m Wendy. I am a passionate Latina from Venezuela, raised in Miami. An adventurer, entrepreneur, and wine lover who is looking to inspire you and see you succeed. Back in 2014 my hubby and I decided to take a leap of faith; so we moved cross-country to Napa Valley. I’ve always had a passion for helping others grow. I just didn’t know how until I started sharing my story and stories from remarkable people that came to Napa to discover themselves and live their dreams. My obsession is to empower you to live your dreams.